By Martinez

In East Los, the 70s was filled with Varrio warfare and much blood shed, then by the end of the decade, the violence began to drop big time. A combination of factors were attributed to the decline; Vatos getting caged-up, community groups organizing gang meetings persuading many to stop killing each other, and many more Homeboys getting tired of the funerals; along with many other arguable reasons. Lurking behind this relatively calm were a new breed of gangs “THE STONERS.” This is a true story of how one of those Stoner gangs was born on the East Side of Los.

In the mid to late 70s, a new street gang phenomena occurred in East Los, the Stoner generation began. During this time, many of the old established Cholo gangs had died down tremendously. There were few numbers of Veteranos left in the neighborhoods; most were locked-up or had moved out of the line of fire to other communities and away from the madness in an effort to make a better life for their familias. Those who were left were for the most part strung-out on heroin (tecatos). The life of a tecato was very unappealing to most of the youngsters coming up in the Barrios, and the result was that this younger generation banded together as Stoner Gangs that chose to get stoned on yesca, pisto, pildoras and frios, and even some acido, pero nada the carga. Heroin was a straight-up nel-chale with this new crowd who witnessed the effect that chiva would do to a man; degrading him to a low-status, a lo mas bajo.

In 1977, Living On The Top by City Terrace Park, in the neighborhood behind Van Pelt Avenue where there was this big spacious hillside, in-between Gifford Street; that the youngsters called THE LOTT; was the original birthplace of THE LOTT STONERS Gang. During these times, there was no recruiting by the old established Cholo gangs in the area. The Hole Stoners were in El Hoyo Maravilla territory, the Humphreys Stoners were in Lopez Maravilla. There were no youngsters from Rock Maravilla, and in the Maravilla Projects only the High Time Stoners were around. The early 80s brought in the Rascals 13, Hick Boys 13, The Slows 13, FTW Stoners, The Hill 13 and The Crazy Stoners, and out of Varrio Nuevo Estrada came the Stoners 13 Locos. But the biggest of all the Stoner Gangs in East Los was The Lott Stoners, with well over 100+ members, all youngsters and all very active.

Geraghty Loma was on the opposite side of City Terrace Park and inactive at the time because they had no youngsters on the street representing. The Lott Stoners filled the void and covered a huge chunk of territory that stretched from Gage Avenue on the west, the 710 freeway on the east, Brooklyn Avenue- (re-named Cesar Chavez Avenue) –in the south, and City Terrace Drive on the north; with THE LOTT 13 Gang holding down all the hills above the park which was their main hangout but with other hangouts in place on Hammel Street, Fisher Street, Bonnie Beach Place, Record Street, Blanchard Street and even in Boyle Heights on Alma Street. Eventually the heart of the Varrio moved down the block to the area were Brannick and Blanchard Streets meet; here is where it is still to this day considered the main Hood.

The Hole Stoners, Gage Boys, High Time Stoners and Folsom Street Locos were the main enemies at the time. All beefs between rivals were settled the Old-School way- a puros trancasos –proving yourself with your fists. There would be fights with these rivals at Belvedere Junior High and Garfield High, at the Flat Tops, East L.A. Skills Center and where-ever our paths would cross. Obviously, like all other gangs, TLS13 Locos got involved in crimes like grand theft auto, bike stealing and slanging drogas; and as Homeboys began getting busted and doing time en la torcida, their look gradually became more in-line with the traditional Cholo style. Homeboys started stamping TLS13 or LOTT X3 on their bodies and they became even more hardcore in the gang life. By the mid 80s, THE LOTT 13 had fully evolved into the traditional Varrio Gang Style and joined up with the madness that comes with it.

Around the late 80s, all the Olden Varrios in East Los started recruiting into their Hoods all the Stoner Gangs and Tagger Crews that had recently popped-up on the street scene. The traditional enemies of THE LOTT got jumped into mostly the Maravilla Varrios. The Hole Stoners cliqued up with El Hoyo Maravilla, The Humphreys Stoners joined Lopez Maravilla (some joined TLS13), High Times Stoners became High Times Maravilla and Rascals 13 became Rascals Maravilla. Others like Gage Boys & Folsom Street Locos cliqued up under Gage Maravilla or into Maravilla Rifa; with the only exception being the Stoners 13 Locos whom remained their own gang. All the rest by joining the MARAVILLAS and because of the green-light edict by La eMe in 1993 brought the rivalry between TLS13 and Las Maravillas into a new age filled with violence. However, even in adverse times, and sometimes overwhelming odds THE LOTT X3 Gang continues being on the forefront of the East Los gang scene.

Aka: The Lott Surenos 13
Original name: The Lott Stoners
Initials: TLS13
Clikas: Locos, Chicos, Dukes, T.I.K's, Tiny Dukes, Diablos, Los Boys

Original First Varrio: EAST LOS / CITY TERRACE aka: LADO VIEJO
Represented by: Locos, Chicos, T.I.K's and Diablos

Represented by: Dukes, Tiny Dukes, Los Boys and Tiny Insane Kriminals

Represented & Home of the Townsend Insane Killers