"VIVA MEXICO, HIJOS DE LA CHINGADA!" -Independence Day Battle Cry of the Mexicans.

" LA CHINGADA " The Great Whore & the mythical mother of a raped race.

La Chingada is the violated mother country who was forcibly penetrated by the White Spanish conqueror, represented in Chicano & Mexican folklore by "La Malinche" (Doña Marina), a brilliant and articulate 14 year old Indian woman given to Cortez as a slave, became his concubine, and served as his personal translator and advisor on Indian affairs. In such a key position, she played a crucial role in the shaping of events which culminated in the conquest of Mexico and her people.
She represents the emblem of female transgression, a whore, and the mother of a bastard Mestizo race, she is called a traitress because she gave herself to the "white conqueror", thereby humiliating and emasculating the male native.
La malinche goes on to represent the many Indian women who were "fascinated, seduced, or violated" by the white conquerors. She is the pinnacle of "betrayal", and lives on through the offspring of her treachery in that product of the rape of Mexico called "machismo".

By Lonewolf

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