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From; Kaotik_hcp
a homie is a true friend that will stand by you through thick and thin, help you out of a tight situation, take a bullet for you and not ask you to do the same (since he knows you would), will show up in the courtroom through all your hearings, and woulda kept you out but you aint hearin that shit.. a homie is a true dawg for life.. you'll get caught up in the game unless you got at least one...

From; BlueCadillaC 167
A Cat that would C there for u through whatever. A Homie is closer than family to u. In world where everyone doin their dirt and baccstabing for some reason he potrays himself to be honest and sincere when it comes to the pact that ya'll have. In a dog eat dog world like this one its rare to have a homie. U dig?

And from; purplecityhello
Bang Out till you Hanged Out
Brother from Another
Im your Big Homies Big Homie

All these truths are legit to an extent in my opinion; ‘pero’ (but) ‘yo mero’ (“I”) ‘agarro la onda (grasp things) ‘de otro rollo’ (on another level) ‘mas calmadote’ (more down) ‘y con la neta’ (and with the truth) ‘mas en solido’ (more solid).

The way I see it, a Homeboy is a friend with whom you share a part of your life, going through good and bad times and having something in common that bonds you together in some way, shape or form, but not necessarily one who always fills your expectations.

You can have Homeboys who are down for you always and for everything, yet there are always exceptions to the rules, without leaving bad feels.

For example;
If you bumped shoulders at school with 2 vatos. You threw down with them both and got a beat down.

You did not go and get the homies for some payback, because chale ese (nah man), that was not how it worked. You took it como (like) un chingon (one tough mofo) and earned your rep’.

In this case, a Homeboy was someone who didn not run and got his people into broncas (beefs) que no valen madre (that were child’s play) and just a part of the schooling one must graduate from in order to become un cabron de calidad (a quality homie).

That’s how you earned the respect from your Boys, as well as from others. You only went an got ‘em when fools crossed lines and got happy on you, or if it took a wrong turn and went down with a permanent marker. But even then, you had the primary responsibilty to handle the business yourself.

Or a Homeboy can be one, who can look you in the eye and tell you the truth, even if he gets you all aguitado (feeling down) with him.

For example;
If you have a ruca (lady), or chamacos (young ones), or anyone who awaits you coming home. And you get beat down on account of your own making by some known foolios while you were out partying ‘til the late morning hours. Then you go up to your Homeboy’s pad’ y le echas un chiflido (you go knocking at his window) and when he pulls his boxers up & comes out to question you on the interruption, you give him the scoop and hit ‘em up for a backup.

He see’s you're all too wasted, and says for you to kickback and crash out for the night, and tomorrow a follow up will play out.

You dog him for it and you play the rewind for some past history, and question the loyalty.

But he knows better ‘cause he is of sound mind and reminds you that things have a way of being seen differently in the morning, adding that those fools ain’t going nowhere anyways. Go sleep on it and don’t worry your loved ones by staying out all night, he says to you.

You’re so fock’d up, that you don’t hear a word and insist on a quick payback ‘cause it is personal and for real.

Your Homeboy then tells you straight up that if the play is personal and for real, then you must relax and play it cool ‘cause when it happens, someone is not getting up and if it’s going down like that, then you have to sleep it off and come back for some planning “but not tonight” & “not like that”.

The next day your Homeboy comes looks you up and he is told by your loves ones, esta bien rolado (he’s sleeping). The Homeboy comes back a few more times ‘til you get your culo (a*s) off the sofa. Then you come out with, oh man I was trippin’ holmes, pinche lokera (fockin’ sh*t) me pego machin (hit me good) estaba bien loco (I was all focked up) those vatos just did their jale (work) Yo hubiera brincado igual (I would of jumped up the same way) no fue nada carnal (it was nothing bro’) they left me standing que no (right?), ahi estuvo (let it drop) ahi muere (done deal) de aquellas con el aliviane (good lookin’ out) esta firme (we’re cool).

This Homeboy took a chance with you by telling you how it was a lo derecho (straight up) even while you called him out. Yet he had your back when you did not realize it, and kept his part in being there for you by not acting in haste and knowing better at the time.

A Homeboy can also be one who spends some time kickin’ it with you. Has an ear for your turiqueo (words). Shares a ride every now and then. Te da un saludo (shakes the hand) whenever he sees you. Walks the street with you on occasions. Invites you to a party. Hits you with a joint. Will back you up if present at the scene. Doesn’t interfere with your personal business. Gives you a heads up. Passes the wire. Introduces you around. Hooks you up. Gives you solid directions. Gives you a pass. Keeps it real with you. Te echa una mano (lends you a helping hand) sometimes. Turns you down on pendejadas (stupid sh*t). Lets you know what’s up. Doesn’t look down on you. Recognizes your qualities. Gives you props, and Say’s a prayer for you.

^ ^ ^ ^ All these things a Homeboy does for you, but they are not always there when expected, still, a Homeboy he remains –if you are also a true Homeboy to him.

By Lonewolf


Sentenza said...

A Homeboy is an imperfect human being, with all his good and bad attributes.
He is someone who will walk over broken glass barefooted with you in troublesome times.
He is someone that you will back up willingly in any situation.
He will give you a hand if you are drowning and he will trust you with any secret he has.
He is someone that you will "put your hand into the fire" for as we say.
Someone that always tries to get the best out of you when you are following the wrong path.
Someone that will open your eyes, especially when it hurts.
No distance will reduce the love between two homeboys, no matter for how long it lasts.
He is someone that you will keep in good memory when he passes, for all the good and all the bad times you had.
Someone you can be honest at heart always in every situation.
Something that you will rarely find in life.

El Gabby El Monte Hayes La Medina Court said...

A homeboy to me is a bato that grew up in my barrio, whos abuelitos new my abuelitos , whos hefitos new my hefitos, someone who rode tricycles, played marbles,broke Pinatas at one anothers familias birthady partys, ditched school with, sniffed glue with, went to juvie, placement and camp with, someone to share a lengyo with while laughing our asses off, someone you through a train on the neighborhood trampas with, did drive bys with, shot heroin with, and when you woke up malias was there for you with a good taste or some wet cottons, someone who wrote you when you were torcido with some fotos of the homies and homegirls, someone you cried with at another homeboys passing, and now in our older age a homeboy is someone I can call to reminence about the good and bad times we shared and thanking GOD, that we made it, and hopefully kicking it at our kids and grandkids birthdays weddings. A homeboy is a person from my barrio, everyone else are just camaradas.