By Ese_Stranger


Walking in the banks of the L.A. river and the night is hot
Frightened by a sound, the sound of a gun shot
All I heard was just pop pop
And suddenly to the floor I dropped
My jefitas blood pressure is on the rise
As the news talked about another homicide
She remembers seeing me from a distance throwing gang signs
At other vatos that were rolling by
Damn I was 16 and proud to rep that LONGO13 flashing a blue rag
Now I’m on the floor inside a body bag
I was never safe, as these streets got tougher
Jefitas no longer sleep, every night they suffer
As they think where can their lil’ son be
Not knowing that he’s on the breaking news headline on TV
Too many rumors, for her its all nonsense
But she don’t know I’m in the coroners office
My dead body was found by a homeless man
Laying there with a cohete in my hand
Bullet holes, maybe 3 or 4 on my chest
Paramedics wouldn’t save me, even with their best
I’m laying on the river’s bank, my heart no longer beats
I became one more victim of the streets
For my looks cops say it was gang affiliated
I lost a gun battle, yeah it was turf related
But no matter what it was, it happened in the county of L.A.
For those outsiders, let me tell you, this is what happens here every day
Now a mom sheds her tears for her son
The juras declare war on the streets, war can’t be won
The streets will witness bodies dropping
It just continues without stopping
With many vatos getting busted
War on the streets will keep on rising

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Anonymous said...

thats some true shit