The thump, thump of a car bass goes by
The Downtown skyscrapers tower in the distance
A faded sign reads "Trinity Park"
Running a few steps ahead of my aunt
My cousins at my side,
little six year olds without a sense of danger
Running by the gym,
hearing the squeaks of new sneakers rubbing against hardwood
We peak inside to see giants race up and down
The sound of a basketball smacking against the floor
The smell of fresh sweat hangs in the air
The gym is worn out and although always in use,
looks as if nobody's been there in years
Outside, and intense soccer game on the faded grass
Shirts soaked in sweat as the players yell at each other in Spanish
The trees are uninviting and hunched over like monsters
Smoke and alcohol surround a group of youths by a ripped fence

Eleven years later and our younger cousins have taken our place
They run a few steps ahead of us,
not knowing the meaning of danger
The gym is locked tight and is covered in fresh grafitti
At dusk, the trees are threatening,
faces on them, telling you to stay away
A Mexican ranchera floats through the neighborhood,
echoing from one of the many parties on a Friday night
Our younger cousins zoom around the jungle gym,
that is seemingly out of place due to its bright shine
Nobody noticing the shiny black car with tinted windows,
or the outstretched hand clutching a metal object
Seven loud bangs accompanied by seven bright flashes
The car accelerates and the tires screech against the street
Nobody is hurt, but my younger cousins are visibly shaken
We hurry back to my grandmother's house
The parties continue, just an everyday occurence around here
Somewhere in the distance, a police siren wails,
and the thump, thump of a car bass goes by