The name in Mexico for the CANNABIS originated from the NAHUATL (Aztec) language, and it is a from the compound word "MALIHUANA." which consists of the following three Nahuatl words -

-MALLIN = Prisoner
-HUA = Property
-ANA = to Hold

The Mexican Natives gave it this name after it was introduced by the Spaniards, and was baptized with the name, presumably because the plant took hold of the individual when he consumed it & kept him prisoner (hooked).

In the U.S. some believe it to be a compound name from the contradictory feminine names of MARIA and JUANA- (Maria the holy one & Juana the demon one) -because of the femenine part of the plant; The flowery leaves, which hold the highest resin psycho-active part of the plant. Maria-Juana was how it was understood by Americans to be the pronounciation and adopted it as such but compounded the word.

In Mexico the typical names for the cigarrettes made from it are known as CHURROS, TROMPETAS, TOQUES (TOKES) and CHUBYS among other numerous names. And the smokers of these are termed as "MARIHUANOS" and "PACHECOS" -the later term argued by some to be the root-name of the PACHUCOS, the fore-fathers of


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The "European cannabis" which Columbus brought was used for rope and cloth - mainly because it cant be smoked (Its hemp), you'd get higher by smoking maple leaves (its "cannabis sativa L"), it wasn't until the 1700s that Europeans learnt from the Hindu/lower Asia that the Indian cannabis could be smoked, the import to plantations in South America of the "smokeable" version began in the 1800-1900s.