PEDO is Spanish for FART.

A four letter word with such a simple meaning or so it appears to be.

But is it?

Fart in the English language sounds very vulgar, so much so that most people use the word preferably only amongst friendly company and then only when for the most part it is necessary to do so, but when in the presence of others not inclusive of your circle of friends and relations, most people prefer to either abstain from using the word, or, they make use of the substitute descriptor “breaking wind”. When one does happen to hear the word “fart”, it'smore than likely that it is mentioned in passing, or as part in a joke. Hell, you don’t even hear the word fart or farted in criticism when someone cuts one lose at the wrong place and the wrong time. If anything at all, maybe what you’ll hear is some kid caught in the background saying something like >> pheeew-yu, that smells nasty!

The fart word in the English language remains dull and nasty, devoid from any alternative definitions for popular use by the mainstream English speaking populace.

This however is not the same case with its Spanish language counterpart >> the “PEDO” which is very much alive and full of serviceable meanings and descriptors for the every day Calo & Spanglish slang of Mexicans and Chicanos. In the every day language of La Raza, el PEDO takes on a crude and simple role in terminology; neverthe less, EL PEDO packs very potent meanings in the many contexts for which it placed in substitute for the more proper Spanish language terms. Under such a wide-definition role, EL PEDO can be incorporated into so much communications (spoken or otherwise), that it would be most difficult to replace it with other terms without the message losing its force in meaning and brevity.

PEDO carries both, a term of endearment when used within a friendly context, or, a potent warning and challenge when applied into an unfriendly context. Under such, EL PEDO goes on to become a common term of choice by many Mexicans and Chicanos. PEDO by being accepted as a normal form of communication by the general Mexican/Chicano population, goes on to form a part of the cultural heritage and is included as part of the Calo vocabulary of the community; thus, it refuses to be relegated into obscurity as is the case with its English counterpart.

We already know that PEDO translates as FART in the English language, but even though this translation is the correct one, a more appropriate and of very similar definitions in its every day use, would be none other than “SHIT.” However, EL PEDO, as defined within La Raza's slang vocabulary, adds-on a much wider field of definitions, and it thrives within the variables which exist in the common language used in our communities.

So what are some of the most common and heard of applications for “EL PEDO? Well, it all depends on the context of the message in which it is included. To understand the entire variables for which PEDO can be understood; it would best be done by interpreting the meaning under each context in which it is incorporated. While in most cases, one can easily associate PEDO with the similar “SHIT” of the English language; this however, may not always be the best interpretation. Nevertheless, PEDO can be easily understood when you read or hear the message. It is not hard to interpret it, since it is very simple in its application, as well as, "being the key word in the message."

So here we go with some of the most common heard of applications used for EL PEDO.

Quieres PEDO?
>You wanna some shit with me?
(A respond with a challenge warning)

Buscas PEDO?
>You looking for trouble?
(A respond with a challenge warning)

Busca PEDOS.
>A troublemaker/trouble seeker.

No Busques PEDO.
>Don’t be looking for trouble.

Se Avento Un PEDO.
>He broke wind.
>He handled some beef.

Te Aventaste Un PEDO.
>You broke some wind?
>You took care of some beef.

Te metiste en un PEDO.
>You got into some messy shit.

Te Echaste Un PEDO?
>You broke some wind?
>You brought the beef on yourself.
>You fucked up with that shit.
>You got yourself in a mess.
>You fouled up with them/those words..
>You’re off the mark.

Sacale Un PEDO.
>Scare the shit outta him.
>Spook his ass.

Le Saque Un PEDO.
>I scared the shit outta him.
>I spooked his ass.
>I scared him shitless.

Le Saque Un PEDOTE.
>I scared some big shit outta his ass.
(Pedote, the “TE” in the word ending, denotes a bigger or
larger size/quantity than the regular/normal size/quantity.)

Esta PEDO.
>He’s drunk.

Es Bien PEDO.
>He’s a big time drunk.

Se Puso PEDO.
>He got all drunk.

>He got wasted drunk.
(Pedote, the “TE” in the word ending, denotes a bigger or
larger size/quantity than the regular/normal size/quantity.)

>A fart ass / farter.
>A shit talker.
>A problem fool.
(Pedorro or Pedorron is a derivative from PEDO which
puts includes the emphasis of being bigger or larger in
size or quantity.)

>Is also a term of endearment when in reference to the
females nalgas/ass.
For example; “Esa Morra tiene buen PEDORRO”
>That Girl has a nice ass.

You can also substitute PEDORRO with PEDORROTE
which carries an even larger/bigger emphasis than the norm.

For example: “Esa Morra tiene un gran PEDORROTE”
>That girl has a nice BIG ass.

Pedorro in it diminutive form = PEDORRIN.
>A little fart ass.
And it can be used as an insult, like for example;
“Ese guey en un Pedorrin”
That fool is a “lil nobody”

>What of it?
>What Up?
>What gives?
(Depending of the attitude and tone of voice when this is
put forth, it packs a clear warning to any challenge.)

Soplate Otro PEDO.
>Blow out with some real shit.

Que PEDO Pasa?
>What’s going on?
>What the fuck is happening?

Parale A Ese PEDO!
>Hold up with that shit.

Parale Al PEDO!
>Put a stop to it..

Calmate Con Tu PEDO!
>Calm down with your shit.

Calma Tu PEDO!
>Calm your ass down.

>Oh well!

No Hay PEDO.
>It’s cool.
>No problem.
>No worries.
>It’s all good.

Puro PEDO.
>Is nothing but hot air/sack of wind.
As in “Ese Vato es Puro Pedo”
That dude ain’t shit.

also . . .

Es Puro PEDO.
>Just fucking around messing with you.
(Like when you’re playing on people’s nerves.)

Se Acabo Este PEDO.
>This here ____ is finished/done with.

Este PEDO termino.
>This beef got settled.

Se Calmo El PEDO.
>The shit calmed down.

Echale PEDO.
>Push Up on Him.
>Hit The Fool Up.
(A deliberate provocation / a hostile challenge)

Huele A PEDO.
>Things don’t feel right.
>Smells like trouble.
>Smells like shit.
(Used to describe a bad feeling or someone who
smells nasty or foul >> for example >> A Cop.

Aguanta El PEDO.
>Bare up with this shit.
>Kick back and relax some.

Sopla PEDOS.
>Blow some wind (Whistleblower)

PEDO Madre!
>Bullshit mothafockr!

>He’s a drunkard.
>It’s a problem.
>It’s a hassle.

>He’s a real big drunkard.
>It’s a huge ass problem.
>It’s a real big hassle.

No Saca Ni Un PEDO.
>He won’t pitch in for jack shit.

No Le Sacas Ni Un PEDO.
>You won’t get not even shit outta him.

>He’s got problems.
>He’s got the heat on him.

>You’re carrying any shit on you?
>You bringing problems down with you?

PEDO Codo.
>Tightass mothafockr.

Mucho PEDO.
>Too much trouble.

Es PEDO O Que?
>Are you just messing with me or is it for real?

Avientate El PEDO.
>Handle the shit/mission.
>Take the fall/Be the fall guy.

Cantale PEDO.
>Challenge his ass.

Calienta PEDOS.
>A bench warmer / lazy ass mofo.

Bien Calienta PEDOS.
>Shit starter / provocateur.

Ruge A PEDO.
>This shit stinks.
>It reaks.

>Drunk and Stoned.

Truena PEDOS.
>Fart ass.

Acaba El PEDO.
>Put an end to that shit.

Ponle Gas Al PEDO.
>Get a move on it.
>Speed the shit up.
>Put some real effort on it.

Cual PEDO?
What shit?

Cual Es Tu PEDO?
>What’s your problem?
>What’s your beef?
>Why you trippin’?

Cual Es El PEDO?
>What’s wrong with it?
>What’s the problem?

Que Es Tu PEDO?
>What’s the deal with you?
>What’s your business?

Cargaste con El PEDO.
>You took the blame for it.

Donde Es El PEDO?
>Where’s that shit?

Donde Esta El Pedo?
>Where’s the problem at?
>Where is the shit happening at?

Vas Con PEDOS.
>You’re carrying too much weight on you..
>You got too many issues following you.

Traes PEDOS.
>You’re bringing in issues.

>More hassles.
>More shit.

Ponle Al PEDO.
>Get on down with it.
>Get working on it.

Rasca PEDOS.
>Butt scratcher.

>Kiss ass.

>With no hassles.
>Don’t worry about it.
>Without any fuzz.

>A real pesty mofo.
>A mofo that always be fuckin’ with people.
>A mofo that always be bringing up some shit.

Quitame EL PEDO.
>Take the weight off of me.
>Let me off the hook.

Pase Un PEDO.
>Some shit happened.
>I ran into problems.

PEDO Con Caca.
>A drunk in vomit.

Ese Es Tu PEDO.
>That’s your problem.

>That’s your business.
>That’s your deal.

Cuenta Puro PEDOS.
>Tells nothing but fairy tales.

Grande PEDO.
>Big Shit.

Bien Grande El PEDO.
>That was some real big shit.
>The shit is real big.

Se Armo El PEDO.
>The shit exploded.
>The beef got started.
>The blows broke out.

Cuanto PEDO?
How much of a hassle?

Wachate como esta el PEDO.
>Check out on how this shit works.

Wachate este PEDO.
>Trip out on this shit.

Wachaste el PEDO?
>Did you see that shit?

Ese es el PEDO.
>That’s the shit right there.
>That’s what the problem is.
>That’s how this shit plays out.

>The shit.
>The thing.
>The trouble.
>The hassle.
>The drunk.
>The lie.
>The mess.
>The task.
>The mission.


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nezua limón xolagrafik-jonez said...

great post, man. i love language...this is fascinating stuff. so much variation...reminds me of "fuck" and how that's used en ingles. ese es el pedo, vato! ;)