Where have all my HomeBoys gone?

Don’t see them around no more
Used to be a Gang of us all
At the alley or at the poolhall

at the courtyard or the school yard
on the hillside;
at the hangout or on the Boulevard

You met up with them at the beach
or Cinco de Mayo at the park

You gathered up at the parties
at them weddings or quinceñeras
at them baptisms or at the hall

All around the Varrio
and in all them cross-roads
You’d run into them at the corner
or at the liquor store

You’d look over the fence and look who's there?
The Homeboys where always there!
Nite & Day
Day in--Nite out

Seemed like the Boys would forever be there
Never ever going nowhere
But One by One surely
~> I’ve lost most

They’ve moved on
Some for better, some for worse
And before no time
~> I stand here most alone

The memories of their laffs
are all mostly gone
Shadows and phantoms
their faces have become

Most Locos I remember
some barely at all
I look back in time and realize
~> I miss them all

And I wonder much ‘bout them
now that I’m gettin’ old
Why we all broke?

Then I think 'bout the things that happened
and the situations that caught most
Life or death took hold of us all
Away from the Varrio
Away from our homes

How did it all happen?
Sometimes it hurts to know
Time did not wait up on none
It came upon us so quickly
and before you know
~> Away we go

Homeboy by Homeboy
Day by Day
Year by Year
And today they’re all gone

Taken from me for this or that
by these or those
the causes, you already know

By a mad bullet or by a cruel system
By a dream come true, or a promise made
By a bad fix or an evil woman
By a reckoning, or a Saviors’ Love

In any case
I don’t see them around much no more
Some even forever no more
I shed a tear for those
And for the rest

“A prayer and a wish from mi Corazon.”

A Lonewolf Memory!



Been reading this blog for a while now thought I would register.By the way keep up the good work nice stories and information about the raza in general.
Firme poem

Anonymous said...

firme peom i can relate keep it up homie
Varrio nelax13
still here ese