No-Win Situation


It’s a stacked up deck and a no-win situation… they’re holding all the cards. But you want to be a tuff guy; you’re not afraid to die. Well let me tell you, carnales, the dying part is easy; it’s the living that’s hard.

You’ve got three strikes against you from the day you’re born. And there’s a lot more to life than cruising and blowing your horn. You had better pay attention to all the laws they’re passing down, ’cause you’ll find yourself before them and they’ll treat you like a clown. You’ll say, ”You can’t do that!” And they’ll say, “Yes we can, and we just did!”

Welcome to the real world; no one’s gonna miss you. You’re just another stupid vato. You’ll be caught up in the human livestock game, filling prisons so they can live. They’ll send their kids to college and take vacations on all the years and tears, misery and blood that you can give.

When you think your time is done, let me tell you, son, you’ve only just begun. They’ll recycle you like aluminum and give you twice as much time for the time you’ve already done. So if you wanna play, be ready to pay… with all the best years of your life.

You can forget all about the drive=by warfare, because in here, it’s face-to-face… close up and in person… toe-to-toe with a filero.

There ain’t no more tough guys, just human cattle in a state prison, bringing the masters their paychecks amounting to billions every year. And once you’re caught up in their system, they’ll never let you go, ‘cause you’re a money making steer.

If you want something to be angry about, then be angry about the fact that from the day you were born you were being groomed for being here, ‘cause it’s all about the money, homeboy, and poor people have a part to play too, even if it’s just breeding sons and daughters to become human cattle in the concrete prisons built by the contractors and politicians who profit from these human zoos.

You wanna be a tuff guys doing drive-bys? The next time you’re in the ranfla thinking you’re some gangster movie star, just remember that the gates of hell never close and they’ve got a place for wanna-be tuff guys like you right here beside me in this human zoo.

And if you happen to kill some child or some old lady, oh well, shame on you, ’cause you won’t have to find me, believe me, I’ll be looking for you, with a very special welcome that’s stiff and hard and penetrates the lives of punks like you, you imitation tuff guy, ‘Cause drive-bys are cowardice, and I told you, “It’s a no-win situation!!”