Like a fix of heroin
That brown sugar smack
Running through my mainline
Hype me out in a flash
What a pleasurable rush

Like a cool juice moment
Got me feeling like superman
As if I’m made to everlast
As if nothing could defeat me
Not even kryptonite

Like a line or two of snow white
Disipating my dread away
High steppin’ into the night
Numbing my stress away
Euphoria running high

Like a trip on the blue dragon
A drop of purple haze
Hearing colors, seeing sounds
On a psychedelic voyage
Hallucinating under the stars

Like cannabis sativa
An eerie dope gangster
Flaming up that bowl of grass
Puffin’ herbal essence
All fumed up on cloud 9

Like a rockstar glued to the pipe
What a grandiose sensation
What an exhilarating body high
An intense puff invasion
Giving me a supersonic rush

Like chugging down some buds
Or like downing some hard tonic
Giving me a nice buzz
Spinning my head around
Warming up my blood hot inside

Like inhaling some crystal, crank or ice
Blasting me off from sundown to sunrise
Got a mothafucka all wired up
Feeling no more appetite
Feeling like a zombie, but all speedo up

Like dropping down some ecstasy
Aphrodisiac scooby snacks
Feeling me up with intimacy
Magnifying my pleasure
Giving me a rock hard on

Your love got me all doped out
Your love is like a natural high
Your love is like the fumes that fill my lungs
Blowing my mind
As if your love really was

I need your love so bad
I need it all the time
For the rest of my natural life
You got me all fucked up inside
Looking up at you like the rainbow stars above

I feel like I’m in heaven
Like if I’m in paradise
In a trance like state of mind
Sleepwalking, experiencing flashbacks
Your love got me feeling alright

On a natural mystic voyage
Gots me feeling so high
Stimulating my senses
Arousing me all night
What a wonderful energy blast

Got me all empathetic to sex and love
Feeling all intimate
You talking ‘bout all that love
Got me on a real sex drive
But like all dope lies

Your love is like an Angel. .
A Devil in Disguise!!!



Have you changed your evil ways?

I still have my due respects

For my clika, fuerza y poder for the ways

My faith keeps growing and growing

It has no end

The mistakes we as vatos locos take

We end up in the wrong place

The graveyard, mental hospital or as fugitives

We don’t realize the self-destruction till it’s too late

Realize that there is a much better place

The man watches every move you make

We are their threat

Giving us a life sentence

Till we go to our grave

Some Raza start talking like morenos or gavachos

Becoming degenerates

Growing up blind to our culture

They’re left to be victimized by those they’ve chosen to imitate

There has to be a desire to learn

Pull them aside and teach them our ways

Why is the Raza separated?

I can’t say

I believe in us, La Raza

Through education we’ll rise to better ways

Like Chente said in El Rey

‘It’s not who gets there first,

It’s knowing how to get there’


Believe in yourself and always push ahead

Show your wisdom

Stay off the
dope, pinche guey!