Like a fix of heroin
That brown sugar smack
Running through my mainline
Hype me out in a flash
What a pleasurable rush

Like a cool juice moment
Got me feeling like superman
As if I’m made to everlast
As if nothing could defeat me
Not even kryptonite

Like a line or two of snow white
Disipating my dread away
High steppin’ into the night
Numbing my stress away
Euphoria running high

Like a trip on the blue dragon
A drop of purple haze
Hearing colors, seeing sounds
On a psychedelic voyage
Hallucinating under the stars

Like cannabis sativa
An eerie dope gangster
Flaming up that bowl of grass
Puffin’ herbal essence
All fumed up on cloud 9

Like a rockstar glued to the pipe
What a grandiose sensation
What an exhilarating body high
An intense puff invasion
Giving me a supersonic rush

Like chugging down some buds
Or like downing some hard tonic
Giving me a nice buzz
Spinning my head around
Warming up my blood hot inside

Like inhaling some crystal, crank or ice
Blasting me off from sundown to sunrise
Got a mothafucka all wired up
Feeling no more appetite
Feeling like a zombie, but all speedo up

Like dropping down some ecstasy
Aphrodisiac scooby snacks
Feeling me up with intimacy
Magnifying my pleasure
Giving me a rock hard on

Your love got me all doped out
Your love is like a natural high
Your love is like the fumes that fill my lungs
Blowing my mind
As if your love really was

I need your love so bad
I need it all the time
For the rest of my natural life
You got me all fucked up inside
Looking up at you like the rainbow stars above

I feel like I’m in heaven
Like if I’m in paradise
In a trance like state of mind
Sleepwalking, experiencing flashbacks
Your love got me feeling alright

On a natural mystic voyage
Gots me feeling so high
Stimulating my senses
Arousing me all night
What a wonderful energy blast

Got me all empathetic to sex and love
Feeling all intimate
You talking ‘bout all that love
Got me on a real sex drive
But like all dope lies

Your love is like an Angel. .
A Devil in Disguise!!!


Elenamary said...

I loved that. Thank you for sharing it!

MR.PALO said...

Orale Lobo it's good to see you posting again homie,keeping the blog going ese !!

Anonymous said...