Have you changed your evil ways?

I still have my due respects

For my clika, fuerza y poder for the ways

My faith keeps growing and growing

It has no end

The mistakes we as vatos locos take

We end up in the wrong place

The graveyard, mental hospital or as fugitives

We don’t realize the self-destruction till it’s too late

Realize that there is a much better place

The man watches every move you make

We are their threat

Giving us a life sentence

Till we go to our grave

Some Raza start talking like morenos or gavachos

Becoming degenerates

Growing up blind to our culture

They’re left to be victimized by those they’ve chosen to imitate

There has to be a desire to learn

Pull them aside and teach them our ways

Why is the Raza separated?

I can’t say

I believe in us, La Raza

Through education we’ll rise to better ways

Like Chente said in El Rey

‘It’s not who gets there first,

It’s knowing how to get there’


Believe in yourself and always push ahead

Show your wisdom

Stay off the
dope, pinche guey!


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Thats right Carnal...