Here’s a little something on San Diego’s “South East”

Logan Heights proper is a combination of 2 communities, BARRIO LOGAN and MEMORIAL PARK, which together make up the entity known as LOGAN HEIGHTS

VARRIO LOGAN HEIGHTS has 5 different cliques that represent the Varrio to the fullest..


And each of those cliques have their own distinct “Homegrounds”

(1) The first one is BARRIO LOGAN

N ~ Commercial Street (The Tracks)
W ~ Main Street
S ~ 32nd Street
E ~ Interstate 5

BARRIO LOGAN is synonymous with RED STEPS. So if you hear someone say BARRIO LOGAN or BARRIO RED STEPS, that’s what they’re saying.. They’re saying that they are from the barrio west of the 5 Freeway surrounding Bay Bridge Park, a.k.a. CHICANO PARK.

(2) The second is the LH30TA zone, which is synonymous with the area surrounding Memorial Park.. centered at 30th Street and Ocean View Blvd.

N ~ Commercial Street (The Tracks)
W ~ 28th Street
S ~ Interstate 5
E ~ Bancroft Street, and the 15 Freeway down through National Avenue

(3) LH33RD neighborhood lies down a barranca (small ravine area) on the northeast corner of Logan Heights.. in-between Bancroft Street and the 15 Freeway, running from north to south all along 33Rd Street.

N~ K street (cul-de-sac north of Imperial avenue)
W ~ Bancroft Street (ravine)
S~ Ocean View Blvd.
E~ 15 Freeway

(4) In-between .. (N) Commercial Street/The Tracks, (E) 28th Street, and (SW) Interstate 5.. is the proper “Logan Heights” defined zone on the maps. This zone is inhabited by everyone from LHTS (RS, 30TA, and 13Ls).

The LH’13 Locos are the only ones of the LH cliques which do not have a solid defined established neighborhood.. LH13Ls are simply from all over Logan Heights.. LH13Ls is rumored to have had some trouble being accepted as a bonafide LHTS clique in their beginning porque the rest of LHTS didn’t really consider them raised RS, 30TA or 33RD.. But 13Ls earned their respect, and they are now clearly a bonafide LHTS clique.

(5) Logan Heights “CLIKA”..
This 5Th Logan clique neighborhood is far away from Logan Heights proper.. LH’Clika is located in “EAST SIDE SAN DIEGO”.. LHC was set up by vatos from LHRS & LH3OTA in the Colina Del Sol neighborhood on the East Side.. thus making VLHts, San Diego’s only varrio to actually have a well established territory in two separate areas of the city.

N~ El Cajon Blvd.
E~ 54TH Street
S~ University Avenue
W~ Euklid Avenue

Note; All 5 cliques from LHTS get along with each other.. They don’t have pleito, even though they do compete with each other as to which is the baddest.. but for the most part they’re cool with each other.. in fact, Red Steps is said to be propping up Treinta y Tres, and bringing them back from the dead.


There used to be another clique from Logan Heights which was not part of VARRIO LHTS.. They were the Logan Heights “LUCKIES” from the triangular shaped neighborhood zone between Commercial, I-5 and 28th.. They were an independent and non affiliated clique that went by LH’LKS and Calle Veinte y Seis "LHC26LKS".. Circa 1960s to 1981/early 80s (?).. The ”LUCKYS are defunt now, but that’s where they were reputed to have been their stomping grounds.



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