Lines on the tramos

A thing from the old school... I look around me.. I glance this way and that way and what do I see? NO CREASES! What the f*ck has our style been brought down to? Saggers por aqui, twisted lids por aya and wrinkled tramos with no lines por aca. No f*cken true old stilo! What the f*ck? No one knows how to use that iron any more? Everybody is caught up with acting and speaking smart; ego tripping, attitude and all that.. Nobody taking the time to learn how to work some magic with that plancha. Nobody seems to have been taught how to fold those tramos and slide that iron up and down to create that firme line, that clean line, from top to bottom., how to take it slow, get that little crease all up in there., how to take the time to get those tramos looking sharp all crispy clean., something to be proud of, something you can step out to the calle and strike up a pose with your forehead held high!

Creases seem to be a thing of the past.. Sportswear and gangsta talk seems to be the replacement all around! But nobody gets down with that starch and steam any more. Seems like everybody forgot to do some work.. some real work other than blasting disrespects left and right. Everybody’s eyes got clouded.. Everybody went tripping.. making dough and all that mainstream world cosas., and everyone forgot about our true old style! Few gente se avienta con la plancha nowadays.. So it trips me out when I catch a Homeboy con tandito and creases.. I say “ORALE” this f*cker is for reals! Orale Cabron, you got my respects!!! A Dyeing Breed Indeed!

Ironing is like a "ritual"., it's like an art form, and you got to be sweet with the plancha doing those creases, the right temperature, the right amount of steam, sprinkled water, wet rag and starch, although i ain't never liked to put starch on my tramos, but if you do, you got to know how to spray that on, and then you got to hit the plancha on that starch perfect, otherwise the startch comes out shinny or flaky, and you don't want that., but yeah homie, it's like a rirual, porque you gotta have the right attitude for it, and the right tools tambien, which include having your sounds playing and your buzz for the mood, que no?

I throw up my ironing board.. I get my oldies playing.. I get my bottle and smokes near me and I close the door to my room.. Turn them speakers on and iron away all afternoon. Don’t give a f*ck about the world out there without creases!

So Orale all you batos arrugados.
Time to pull out your tablas, fill up your planchas and grab your garras.

Fine tune that volume, and .....



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Anonymous said...

So clean
So mean
Got to know how to use that steam
Have it come out looking like a dream
The sharpest creases you've ever seen