A.k.a. RUDOS

Headquartered at ALMA (Ave) STREET

Their Varrio is centered at Norton & Califas Avenues

(N) Century, (S) Platt, (E) MLK, (W) L.B. Blvd.,

Although they are known to roam past L.B. Blvd into Poplar, Barlow and Oakwood, which at one time that area was considered to be LVPgs, but now LVTraviesos claim Oakwood Avenue.

RUDOS also roam south to meet up and even mix with the Lynwood MOB, south of Lynwood Park.

LYNWOOD MOB (1980s) is from the Lynwood Park neighborhood, south to Fernwood, and even past that, past the freeway all the way to Josephine and Virginia streets. FIR STREET would be the heart of their neighborhood.

RUDE BOYS and Lynwood MOB are rumored to have cliqued up, and now go by RUDE MOB (?) Hence the slogan “MOBbin’ with RUDEness”

North of the RUDE BOYS are the LYNWOOD DUKES

(N) Tweedy, (S) Century / Abbott, (W) State, (E) California

At one time the DUKES extended north past Tweedy with their Nebraska Chikos clique, but that clique went defunct, and the DUKES are no longer holding that area.

Originally the DUKES went by Lynwood Ghetto 13, or simply Lynwood 13, but then everybody around was claiming Lynwood Varrio this and Lynwood Varrio that, and then there came up also SOUTH SIDE LYNWOOD, over by the neighborhood surrounding the High School.

SSLWD13 (N) Imperial, (S) MLK, (W) Bullis, (E) Atlantic

Lynwood (Ghetto) 13 did not want to be confused with anyone else, decided on keeping it original and old school, and adopted their first generation name of DUKES for their varrio, but without adding Lynwood Varrio, just simply kept it as Lynwood DUKES. Their later generations have been the Morgan Cyklons, Nebraska Chikos and Criminals cliques.

South of L’DKS is the OSGOOD BLOCK headquartered at Osgood Avenue.

OBLS is a small hood tucked-in-between..
(N) Century, (S) Norton, (E) State, (W) Capistrano

They go by OBLS but are known to also add LV to their tags. The Locos was their first clique, followed by the Midgets.

Next to OBLS to the west are the SANTA FE LOCOS in all the “HUNDREDS” streets, along Santa Fe Avenue. Their neighborhood is on the opposite side of Alameda facing La Weigand Colonia Watts.

East of SFLS & south of OBLS are the LVTraviesos, a.k.a. Troublemakers, from Bellinger to L.B. Blvd, banging Oakwood Avenue with their Winos, Baby Locos and Tiny locos cliques.

All 3 varrios, OBLS, SFLS & LVTvs are in the area that once used to be part of LVParagons.

LVParagons is said to be the oldest and original Lynwood Varrio, going back to the late 1950s. LVPgs commanded an area that extended from (N) Century, (W) Alameda, (E) Bullis Road, (S) Euclid Avenue.

LVP used to control the HUNDREDS, Norton, Poplar, and Imperial west of MLK, but now LVP is mostly south of the freeway mixed in with BNG (BANNING STREET).

LVP and BNG have a love-hate relationship. They can be found partying together, but still beef it. The BNG crowd grew big and has reached numbers over a hundred strong with their 3 generations of gangsters Locos, Chicos and Crimeys (Criminals) cliques.

An anomaly in the BNG & LVP zone is Lynwood Varrio EL SEGUNDO on the little strip of El Segundo Blvd filled with trailer parks, apartments and a couple of rows of houses. LVES does not seem to have much of a presence in their birth grounds anymore, but are now spread out living all over Lynwood. Little LVES is known to blast on people, and has racketed up a documented membership of over a hundred.

So while LVP is the oldest and controlled most of the west side, on the east side of the city YOUNG CROWD is said to be the second oldest Lynwood Varrio. YOUNG CROWD is documented to be on Police maps since at least the early 1970s.

YC original neighborhood is located in the Lynwood Gardens community, but they spread up all the way to Imperial Hwy, controlling east of Atlantic Avenue. The construction of the Century Fwy split their neighborhood in to two halves. The northern part surrounds LUGO PARK, and the older part is down by Lwd Gardens HAM PARK around Rayborn, Wright, Clark, Lavinia, all east of Atlantic.

The Lwd Gardens part has had to contest with others like LVCompitas from the Carlin Avenue neighborhood area. LVCPTS have a decent representation with their Carlin Devils and Gangsters cliques.

North of Carlin, roaming around in-between Atlantic Avenue and Bullis Road you have the Krazy Katz (LVKZK).

Originally from South Central L.A. from back in the 1980s. Los Gatos Locos 42ND Street gang were rock-a-billy’s the same as the MLC Moonlight Cats.

SS38ST put the pressure on both the MLC and KZK to clique up. Some KZK cliqued up but most said chale and ended up beefing it with SS38ST. Some KZK moved to Lynwood, and they set up there since just before the Century freeway was opened up for trafico. The original KZK42 from SCLA faded or got locked up for jales, but the LV Crazy Cats have kept it going.

Other more newer locos have sprung up in the area, like the MWS MARIWUANOS on Agnes Avenue, and the LVSSG South Side Gangsters on Olanda Street, but they’re more recent and have yet to make it past the decade. And then there’s others little older varrios like the TRISTES (Lynwood Varrio Sad Boys) which are known to be active with their Harris Street Locos clique, but little is known about their history.

Lynwood Varrios even though they have main operating zones, the raza there moves around. Lynwood is like the typical big little town (city) where you kick it with some, but you live somewhere else. Lynwood is your town, and therefore Lynwood is your varrio., there ain’t no markers on the streets keeping one locked up to a corner. You roam around, and when you run into someone from out of town, you hit ‘em up, and if they ain’t from Lynwood, pues ya sabes, ponle!

This is just a little something on the Lynwood Varrios., add to it!



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Gilbert Zubillaga said...

FIR ST gang see

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FIR street is a Banning street x3 clique . FIR st came around in the mid 90's

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Lynwood mobsters 13 el Slick

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lynwood Dukes gang.mgs,cls

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Shut up monkey.everyone knows los Dukes run lynwood.

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YOUNG LIFE said...

Come on fools !!!!!everyone knows YOUNG CROWD put LYNWOOD on the map !!!out here or in there all real surenos know what up !!! They know you vatos are all talk or else they would of heard about it like they always hear about YOUNG CROWD !!!!puttiNguyen the smash down !!