what does "pachuco" means to you?

a lot of people have associated it with the zoot suit and the 1930's - 40's era

and when you read most of what's out there on the web and in popular writers books
you come out with the same referencing, that pachucos came from El Paso, Texas
and that, that's where it all started

even myself didn't know any better than to take it only that far back

the whole key to the matter lies on ~> what does "chuco" mean?

yeah, chuco, instead of pachuco

pachuco is simple

el paso was nicknamed el chuco
and people from juarez mexico heading into el paso would say
vamos para el chuco
shortened under mexican ways of speech as
~> "vamos pal chuco" .. (heading over to el chuco)
and eventually shortened the -pal chuco- even more so, to say it as pa'chuco

so we know el paso was known as el chuco early on in the last 1900s century
and el chuco gave rise to the pachuco name for mexican gangsters of the 1930s - 40s LA era

what does "chuco mean?

^ ^ that is the key to the whole thing

chuco was originally something which had very little to do with the american zoot suits & drapes
something/someone with a whole lot more meaning than what the american media of the times
and even today, have cared to address or understand

and without that understanding., all is void and null
relegated to misunderstandings of the chicano mind


so the question is, what does pachuco mean to you?
and like a high school book would ask.,
how is it relevant to today's history?

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